If you are on this page, chances are, you have explored supporting your child’s effort in Math. Delhi At Math Club, we aim to bring together children and adults who love math and those, who wish they were good at Math. We conduct math workshops in Delhi supporting CBSE, ICSE, CAT, GMAT Math.

DMC also conducts free workshops for parents helping them deal with anxiety related to Math in the classroom. Please talk to us, if you would like to attend one.

There is no age bar for Delhi Math Club!


How many times has your child stood up in the class and offered an alternative method to a problem being discussed?

Whenever coping with Math becomes an issue, the child more often has to adjust to the aptitude and the attitude of the facilitator. Dealing with Math is tricky. It works as black and white–the moment you get a wrong answer, you are pounced upon!

At DMC we try to build the context of why a child has to learn Math. We do that by adding fun, enquiry, fearlessness of failing and discovery. This adds to the self esteem of a child, which has a direct impact on how the child deals with Math! Makes sense?

  • DMC conducts various activities aimed at bringing Math closer to children. These include workshops, events, treasure hunts, nature walks, conferences for children and parents.
  • We are inclusive, because we believe Math is everywhere, in our daily lives. Look at your breakfast table and you will know what we mean.
  • It is also an endeavor to answer all those guys who exclaim- ‘joy of Math, beauty of Math?…eh, are you kidding!’
  • DMC, aims to bring together children and adults who love math and those, who wish they were good at Math.
  • DMC also conducts free workshops for parents helping them deal with anxiety related to Math in the classroom.
  • DMC isn’t a platform to identify the best brains in the country. It is neither a tuition or a coaching center. It is for those who love Math and also those who dread it!
  • Delhi Math Club (DMC) is an initiative to help people overcome their fear and anxiety towards Math and instead have an enjoyable and meaningful engagement with the subject in a ‘safe’ environment.
  • By ‘safe’ we mean an atmosphere of respect for the learners without discrimination based on their IQ/ performance, where their questions or curiosities are addressed respectfully and adequately without judgement.
  • At DMC, I found the approach to be of concept clarity at a deeper level by visualizing Maths rather than viewing it in some imaginary place. The focus on sharpening the problem solving approach, mental agility, width of questioning enables the children to enjoy the challenge of solving a hitherto unseen problem.
    [Mother of grade 10 child, The Mother’s International School]

  • I am quite happy n satisfied with the way these sessions have gone.

    My child has thoroughly enjoyed algebra. He is intrigued by the Pythagoras theorem…Building concepts, especially the way you do it, is wonderfully unique.

    [Mother of grade 7 child, The Mother’s International School]

  • Mother of a grade 4 child, Shriram School
    I see my child to be extremely confident about the subject and his love for subject has grown tremendously!!
    Thank you for the practical aspect of teaching the concepts

  • I was so relieved to find someone who in todays times can actually analyse Abacus Vedic Maths ..kumon et all with a flip side! Every parent and many maths teachers I spoke to for a program that can offer my child “understanding” of maths and not just teach him one aspect of Calculating..
    [Mother of grade 6 child, Bluebells School]

  • Thank you very much for showing us the light , I would be always grateful to you for that.I am looking forward to any programs/workshops that you offer in future and after interacting with you I am sure that it would be a learning and awakening experience to the participants.

    Mukul Mishra
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  • Testimonial

    I have twins(Aradhaya and Bhasvar,aged 11, class 7, The Mother’s International School). We have been a part of DMC since my kids were in class 1. Mohini is an exceptional Maths teacher; it is rare to find a teacher, especially for a subject like Maths, who understands the doubts and fears of her students. Maths…

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