Delhi Math Club does several activities to Math amongst children and adults. We have designed a school support program that helps children of different grades, go beyond the school curricula.

Specially designed sessions help children grasp concepts that are difficult to understand in a large group of children in class room setting

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We have done workshops for underprivileged children to offer them access to foundation building in math. If you are an organization interested in such a workshop, drop us a mail.

  1. shilpa

    How to increase mental maths strength in 2nd class student

    • Hi Shilpa!
      We recommend doing a lot of math orally. Pose creative, delightful little problems where she gets to comprehend, visualise, think logically.
      An example:
      You have 100 toffees and your friend has 10 toffees fewer than you. How many would you give your friend so that you both now have equal number of toffees?
      Encourage that your child solves it in more than one way.

  2. shyamashree sinha

    My daughter Shreeya Sinha studies in The Mother’s International school in class III , wants to participate in maths workshop/competition. Can u please enlighten us regarding this.

    Shyamashree Sinha

    • Hi,
      Your daughter must be now in class 4 at Mother’s International School. So this year she would be participating in ASSET which is a beautiful diagnostic test that nudges the student to comprehend and think logically to answer.

      Next year, as she steps into class 5 she would appear for a screening test on the basis of which selected 15-20 students are given rigorous training with challenging problems and several class 6 topics for the inter-school Aryabhatta and Ramanujam exams held in Jan & Feb respectively.

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