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  1. Setu

    Mohini!!!! I was so relieved to find someone who in todays times can actually analyse Abacus Vedic Maths ..kumon et all with a flip side! Every parent and many maths teachers I spoke to for a program that can offer my child “understanding” of maths and not just teach him one aspect of Calculating.. was met with utter frustration! I am a very pro alternate education mom of a 9 year old, but living and coping with the “CBSE and CCE syllabusses”

    Just getting carried away-

    Please let me know if my son who is in class 4 can join you this year?

    When could I come for an interaction with you!


  2. dr rajani mathur

    am excited abt your concept. want to enquire about classes for my daughters aged 8 and 13.
    pl respond at the earliest

  3. Mukul Mishra

    I had a enlightening discussion with you today .I had almost made up my mind to enrol my child for an abacus course ,however my phone discussion followed up with meeting changed all of that.I now believe in what you say that the “child should develop the mathematical thinking and understand the logic behind the calculations” and not just focus on calculations alone.
    Thank you very much for showing us the light , I would be always grateful to you for that.I am looking forward to any programs/workshops that you offer in future and after interacting with you I am sure that it would be a learning and awakening experience to the participants.

    Thanks again

    Mukul Mishra

  4. aditi sharma

    I am a maths teacher. I really like your innovative ideas and concepts. Can i join this club?

    Aditi Sharma
    Contact no. 8800209299

  5. Mohini

    Hi Mohini,
    I went through article about comparing Vedic maths/abacus. good un baised analysis.Is there any branch in Pune(Maharastra)


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