JEE Main & JEE Advanced

We are here to support, mentor you in your preparation towards JEE mains and JEE advanced exam 2024

Preparing for JEE (Main & Advanced)

JEE is one of the toughest exams in the country. A lot of students start preparing for JEE in early classes. There is no right time to start preparing for IIT JEE. 


When Is the Best Time to Start Preparation?

IIT JEE Preparation can be started at any time. However, it will all depend on the foundational strength and grasp of Math concepts of the student. IIT JEE exams are designed to filter out rote memory and focus on conceptual clarity, hence it is important to assess where do you stand with respect to conceptual clarity. 

Some people start coaching early due to,
  • Everyone in their class is doing it
  • Pressure from family members
  • What else can a science student do apart from IIT JEE
  • If not the IITs atleast I will get into other good engineering college
  • IIT means assured career

Personalised Plan

At Delhi Math Club, we spend a lot of time in understanding the calibre, capability and conceptual clarity of the student before advising a course of action. 

  1. Right Counselling: Providing the right and objective counselling to student and parents both
  2. Mock Tests: Ample exercises with mock tests and solution of previous year papers.
  3. Building Strong Foundation: with reference books like HC Verma for Physics, RS Aggarwal for Mathematics, and OP Tandon for Chemistry.
  4. Doubt clearing sessions: Weekly doubt clearing sessions.


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